Lease Flex

Autohellas-Hertz, the largest car rental company in Greece, is presenting the new "Lease Flex" program, which offers the possibility of long-term rental of cars from the company's existing fleet.

Being active since 1974 and having linked its name with developments in the automotive industry over time, Autohellas-Hertz is investing in the new “Lease Flex” program aiming at the consumer options’ expansion for a safer, more economical and more advanced car technology.

In particular, the main advantages of the new program for users are:

  • Changeof car with a similar model at no charge, up to two times during the leasing period.
  • Car upgrade. Return your car at any time and start a new lease choosing a different car category.
  • Acquisition of the leased car at a pre-agreed price, which is reduced every month.

With the “Lease Flex” program, we offer to our customers a flexible way to expand their fleets without waiting for a new car to arrive, but also to drive more than one type of cars during the same leasing period, through the ability of changing and upgrading the leased car. The most important though, is the opportunity to drive a safer car, for anyone who desires a change, but remain skeptical about buying a used car and collecting the necessary amount of money. At the same time, they are exempt from maintenance, road tax and insurance costs, while at any time they can acquire the car they have chosen at a pre-agreed and gradually reduced price. The "Lease Flex" program adds only benefits to our daily needs to save more money through the flexibility of such programs.

This new program comes as a response to the users’ modern needs, but also as a result of the mapping carried out by the company regarding the developments and trends that are shaping in the market.

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