Online service booking

Save time of your leasing car’s service with the Online service booking of Hertz. Schedule your next appointment for service or tire changes, online, at any Autotechnica workshop throughout Greece, in just 3 steps.

1) Fill in your car's Registration Number.

2) Choose the workshop that you want, the type of work and the mileage of your car.

3) Choose the date/hour which your prefer.


  1. Ask when is your car's service. Schedule it 1 time per year if the mileage limit is not reached sooner.
  2. Take care of the timely maintenance of your car, in order to avoid unexpected damages. Check tire precure, lights, fluid levels and be careful with the fuel quality.
  3. Is not needed to book an appointment in unexpected damages. But keep in mind that you have a wait time indolence the workload of workshop.
  4. In an accident, regardless of who is responsible, report it to Accident Care or one of our garages.

Required work times are indicative:

Standard Maintenance: 1,5 hours / Tire change: 1,5 hours / Brake change: 1 hours

✓ Schedule the service appointment 2 weeks before date.

✓ Book your appointment online through You can find the garage's availability without having to call.

✓ At the end of the service, ask the garage for a written update about the work done.

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